NHDC pays dividend of Rs 113.29 crore to MP govt

NHDC pays dividend of Rs 113.29 crore to MP govt
… Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a government spokesperson said. NHDC Limited, formerly known as Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation Ltd, was set up in 2000 for development of hydropower and other renewal energy sources in the state.
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EPA's revised Clean Power Plan likely coming today
Both NHA and countless regional hydroelectric power associations have long hailed hydro as a "common sense" source of green energy — particularly given its extraordinary generating potential using existing infrastructure alone — so why not remove the …
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Sudan releases plans to add 500 MW of hydroelectric capacity by 2020
Sudan has approved the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity for Enhancing Electricity Power Service plan, a document detailing how to increase hydroelectric power generation in the country from 1,500 MW to 2,000 MW by 2020. The document also …
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Scalar Energy Science For Rejuvenating Life









The scalar power science is the biggest buzz all over the globe. Most recent tests related with it has produce incredible outcomes. All tests reveal that this produces treating power to market good power circulation inside human body. Into the other terms, the research helps maintain the biofield of one’s body.


We need this technology to replace power which have gone reasonable considering regular contact with harmful radiation being released from mobiles, computer system, television, microwave, x-ray and various electrical appliances. This energy for the future assists us supplying constant energy source to diminish these types of unfavorable energies throughout our lifespan. The great energy is additionally thought to have a number of medicinal utilities. As an example, this may be always treat customers with HIV good.


Understanding the energy of this potential technology, many companies have started offering scalar power based magnetic bracelet & magnetic pendants. These items are created in high tech infrastructure and under adept staff. The entire range undergoes strict high quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to produce best value products into the customers. These magnetic bracelets or pendants tend to be breakthrough discoveries within the quantum technology and bio magnetized technology power based products all around the globe.


High Quality Variables

High quality is the foremost requirements to produce optimum client’s trust. All standard quality variables are incorporated to make effective scalar power based magnetic bracelet & magnetized pendants. There’s no risk of high quality degradation as each range passes through some examinations. The complete range uses best high quality material and tested for scalar energy, unfavorable ion and FIR energy. The various parameters upon which they are checked tend to be energy savings, corrosion weight & design conformity.


Moreover, our higher level R&D constantly strive to improve its general quality, performance

dependant on the prevailing marketplace trends.


Item Range

A large selection of bio magnetized & quantum science technology power based scalar pendant and bracelet is available in industry. This unique range also includes scalar power view, bio magnetic energy bracelet, bio magnetic bracelet, far infrared bracelet, 4 in 1 bio magnetized bracelet and many other. Our range of products is capable of satisfying various needs of your clients.


Here are some quite demanded quantum research technology power products :


1. Alkaline Liquid Stick

One of the most preferences inside section is Alkaline liquid Stick. This kind of stick contains black colored stone, dechlorine ceramics, coral fossil, tourmaline ceramics and water soluble calcium carbonate. It has all-natural ores, which are dissolved in water. These ingredients remove chlorine, unpleasant liquid & also alkalinize liquid. It, therefore, detoxifies and rejuvenates our body & brain.


2. Anti Radiation Bio Energy Card

This higher level bio magnetic science energy is offered in negative ion card also bio energy card. The main purpose of anti radiation bio energy card assists maintain appropriate blood flow inside body with a high value Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology energy. Anti radiation bio power card is created to quicken healing procedure that want appropriate blood supply in the torso.


3. Nano tech material

The exclusive nano technology textile range is specifically made to improve human anatomy blood circulations. Nano technology fabricis is well regarded for its antibacterial effect, heat conductive, anti UV ray, anti inflammatory and anti allergic functions. The materials of the fabric were created making use of composites polymeric material that emit unfavorable ions and infrared rays to help human body de-tress & relax enhancing blood flow within the body. It hence, helps in faster recovery from minor injuries and fatigue.








The blogger is proficient is dealing with health subjects. He provides valuable information on latest medicinal services and products in the market to stay healthy, fit and good. Their article on scalar research pendants, bio magnetic pendants is very powerful, natural medication information to reduce the consequences of harmful radiation that come out of cell phone, electronics as well as other home appliances

Bioenergy: America’s Energy upcoming is a quick documentary movie exhibiting types of bioenergy innovations across the biomass offer chain additionally the usa. The movie features various tales of individuals and companies who are passionate about attaining the promise of biofuels and dealing with the challenges of developing a thriving bioeconomy. This outreach product supports media projects to expand the public’s knowledge of the bioenergy business and renewable transportation and originated because of the U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), Oak Ridge nationwide Laboratory, Green Focus movies, and BCS, Incorporated.

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Governments Renewable Heat Incentive Support Air Source Heat Pumps


On 20th October 2010 as part of the spending review the Chancellor announced that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be going ahead next year. What this means for us as consumers is that there will be financial support for those who install renewable heating.

The scheme will support a full range of technologies including air source heat pumps, solar therma, biomass boilers, renewable combined heat and power and the use of biogas and bioliquids. This means the Department of Energy and Climate Changes (DECC) plans of moving from 1% to 12% of all heat generated from renewable sources by 2020 should be easily attainable.

Air source heat pumps are one of the technologies the scheme will support so here is a look at how they work.

These heat pumps can be used for bother heating and air conditioning. They work as a refrigerator does except rather than cooling they take heat from the air and convert it into usable heat. A heat pump has four main components an evaporator, compressor, condenser and an expansion valve. It works by taking air from outside which is drawn over the evaporator. The refrigerant soaks up heat from the air and converts it from a liquid to a vapour. The refrigerant is sent through a compressor, which pressurises and as a result pushes up the temperature of the vapour. This now provides a temperature which can be used in domestic heating. The higher temperature refrigerant then goes to the condenser heat exchanger, moving heat to the heating system. The refrigerant returns to liquid now that the heat is removed. The liquid refrigerant then returns to its original state as it passes through the expansion valve.

Having an air source heat pump installed in your home will reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 50% which is major! They only require water and electrical supply so there is no need for gas, flues or ventilation. The running and maintenance costs are very low as it the running noise.

Northern Gas Heating is taking full advantage of the latest technology to provide Air Source Heat Pumps. Northern Gas Heating are one UK’s top local supplier and installers of new energy efficient boilers.

Hawaii's Going 100 Percent Renewable, And It's Not Using Natural Gas As A

Hawaii's Going 100 Percent Renewable, And It's Not Using Natural Gas As A
And any time or money spent on LNG is time and money not spent on renewable energy,” Ige told the audience at the Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summit and Expo in Honolulu on Monday night. The governor's remarks are especially significant because …
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It's Time for Canadian Doctors to Divest in Fossil Fuels
Direct risks to our health include increasingly intense and frequent heat waves, extreme weather events such as hurricanes and flooding, whereas indirect risks include amplified food insecurity, displacement and conflict. … Divesting from fossil …
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The Stealth Alternative Energy Source Already Operational


Hydro power has been used ever since water runs down hill and the invention of the water wheel. In this country the big projects are Columbia river dams, TVA dams, Niagara Falls diversion power plant, Colorado River – Hoover Dam. All completed at least 40 years ago and out of the news since that time. In the seventies during one of the energy crises one of the small utility companies looked into putting water turbines at the numerous dams spotted all over New England for furnishing for a canal system long abandoned.

They decided it was too expensive and a nightmare to keep track of all the units. What’s new in the North East is the construction of hydropower Plants in Quebec in the narrow river valleys that drain into the St. Lawrence River. They sell power as far south as Long Island. This came at a time when LILCO was struggling with the Shoreham Nuclear Power fiasco. Hydro Power is not quite perfectly reliable though. A recent example in the Northwest a few years ago when light snowfall and light run off required rationing where the utility paid the aluminum plant to shut down to conserve water. Quebec also had a problem where extreme cold weather cut power production enough that some steam plants had to delay their planned maintenance outages.

Garbage is inexhaustible it seems and a growing concern for municipalities. I grew up on Long Island and back in the forties they use to dump it in a big pile and light a match to it. The resultant stink was quite memorable. Growth of Nassau and Suffolk counties of course led to some deep thinking. There are old sand mines they started to dump in but they stunk too. Several towns tried several types of incinerators which was an improvement lost their licenses due to emissions. Finally they built 2 large plants that used technology developed to destroy chemical weapons to burn the trash and use the heat to make steam to run generators. They charge to unload the trash then turn around and sell the power.

A nice operation but compared with hydro power it require diligent maintenance and close control of operations. At this time 2 plants consume all of Nassau and Suffolk’s trash and I think they are getting some from Brooklyn and Queens. New York City closed its land fills and has to transport the trash out of the state possibly all the way to Africa. Trash going from New York to the Long Island incinerators is probably illegal which means you have to grease a palm or two. They plan to double the capacity of the West Hempstead Plant so its not hard to figure out. This solution to major problem of what to do with the refuse, the preferred term, has everyone to relax and worry about something less stressful.

Both of these methods of extracting energy are now well established and out of consciousness. They are listed as either “other” or “alternative” in most breakdowns of total power generation by energy type.

Kenneth R Thompson PE

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Advantages of Wind Power


Can we make more use of our natural resources such as wind? Between the passage of time and the development of humanity we are slowly beginning to realize how vital our world is.  The benefits of wind power needs to be seen in a broad context. 

Many people are looking at the environmental issues of our planet in several different ways.  Combating global warming is becoming more evident with people on a daily basis. More and more home owners around the globe are looking into solar energy or wind power.   Wind power especially has been a huge success, it seems to be a very effective and popular way of generating electricity.

Most of us require the use of electricity on a daily basis.   Did you know that electricity produced releases a variety of destructive gases.   Whereas if you were using wind power for the production of electricity, you are looking at environmentally friendly clean energy.   Energy generated by the wind has no harmful gases and this is why it has become such a big attraction around the world.

Another great advantage to producing electricity using wind power is that four to six cents is spent on the production of kilowatt of energy per hour by the home owner.

Some of the other benefits to using wind for energy is that its more than likely that we will never run out of it, and its a renewable source of energy.   Generally you will find wind turbines built on farms and open spaces, which farmers would get a lot of benefit from too.
If you were to compare coal-fed power plants which cause pollution in the air and let off destructive emissions to wind energy which is clean, due to the wind being the fuel, how can you compare.
Anyone can build their own wind turbine, with the correct manual and materials a wind turbine can be used to meet the energy needs of the home.   They need little maintenance and are very simple to handle.
With your own wind turbine you also have the benefit of not suffering from power cuts.
Surplus energy can be produced by larger wind turbines that are connected to electrical power grid, this energy can be used by lots of people and can also be sold to utility companies that feed it into the main grid.
In isolated areas where they do not have access to the power grid, wind turbines are used which allows these areas to completely enjoy the benefits of electricity.

Why pay a fortune in electricity bills when you can save $ 1000’s, and save your environment too. With today’s rising prices and new technologies, how can we not take advantage of wind power and produce free clean energy.

My name is Justine, I hope this article has given you a little more of an understanding about wind power. I also suggest you take a look at, How Windmills Work.

Five 2016 Candidates for College Students

Five 2016 Candidates for College Students
The Obama-Biden Plan calls for education reforms from kindergarten all the way up to college. The plan involves creating the $ 4,000 American Opportunity Tax Credit, which would cover two-thirds the cost of average public tuition or make community …
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What's in the Clinton Plan for Rural America and Renewable Fuels?
clinton-iowa As the nation's newspapers spend another month wrapped up in Email-Gate and Benghazi-Gate, we look at a proposal that's won raves from the renewable fuels community. In Washington, the America's Renewable Future group committed the …
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SoCal Edison wants to slash rooftop solar incentives
“We really need the Legislature to step in and save the day,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group. “There is absolutely no nuance in the utilities' proposals. It's an all …
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'India's ambitious renewable energy target now seems achievable'

'India's ambitious renewable energy target now seems achievable'
India will soon generate cheaper electricity from solar photovoltaics (PV)-based projects than those based on coal imported from Indonesia and Australia, says a report released by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). This will …
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Ming Yang Co-Founded Guangdong Renewable Energy Industry Fund
CGN Wind and Shenzhen Energy are expected to be among the other limited partners of the Fund. And Guangdong Finance Investment (Holding) Co., Ltd. is expected to make a capital commitment of RMB50 million on behalf of the Guangdong government.
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Company Shares of Blue Earth, Inc. (NASDAQ:BBLU) Drops by -4.76%
The Company develops, designs, builds and implements technologies, such as solar, fuel cells and combined heat and power (CHP) for alternative and renewable energy projects. The Company also finances renewable and alternative energy projects …
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Latest Geothermal Energy News

Northwest Geothermal Research Aims To Solve Energy And Water Squeeze
President Obama's new EPA rule seeking drastic reductions in carbon emissions could create more room in the industry for cleaner forms of energy. One of those is geothermal. In eastern Oregon and parts of Idaho, a new study by the US Geological Survey …
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Cumberland Energy, Verschuren Centre partner on Springhill geothermal study
Geothermal energy has been of interest to the region due to the significant presence of abandoned mines in the Springhill area. The development of geothermal energy involves extracting heat from underground water to use as an energy source.
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EDC, GNS Science agree to expand research, develop geothermal energy
The Philippines' Energy Development Corp. (EDC), one of the largest geothermal companies in the world, and New Zealand's GNS Science have agreed to renew and strengthen their joint research and development efforts on geothermal energy. Some of the …
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Geothermal Heat Pump: Energy Modulators

Most people would prefer the common heating and ventilation devices and air conditioning units, merely because most are not familiar with the geothermal heat pump.  The geothermal heat pump is an effective way of heat absorption during the wintertime. These heat pumps or usually called geoexchange devices have been around for almost 70 years. Unknown to most people, but the geothermal heat pump is highly efficient in heat producing and in energy saving. The reason why geothermal heat pumps save more energy and are more efficient than HVAC units is because these heat pumps use the earth heat and convert it into a source of energy.
A geothermal heat pump is highly efficient for the coldest winters. These devices can warm a cold room to cooling the temperature during summertime. The reason is because a geothermal heat pump garners heat or absorbs heat from the within the earth where the temperature is always constant unlike that about the ground which varies, which enables it to produce warmer air during winter and cooler air during the summer and without circulating the air like air conditioners. Using the constant temperature allows the geothermal heat pump to produce higher efficiencies from 300 percent to 600 percent efficiency. When comparing these percentages to the normal heating, ventilating or air conditioning devices, would only amount to 175 percent to 250 percent efficiency.
Geothermal heat pumps can be enhanced to heat and cool a house depending on the tubes installed. Geothermal heat pumps near bodies of water can act as a heater and a cooler when programmed. Most of these heaters actually release air according to the room temperature. Since the ground temperature, as mentioned, stays relatively at a constant temperature, when a room is hot the geothermal heat pumps would only give off cooler air than and when it is cold, the heat from the atmosphere  would differ from that of the earth enabling the heater to give off heat warmer than the room. This is a good way to use energy from the earth and to use it in a non polluting way. It is also healthy for the family where the air will be clean and ventilation would be constantly running unlike usage of air conditioning units which circulate the same air over and over. Geothermal heat pumps may cost more than the normal air conditioning device but its durability and use are beyond exquisite. It can last even longer than an air conditioning device and the energy saving properties can earn a user their money back from 5 to 10 years of use.

Are you looking for more information regarding heat pump prices? Visit http://www.heat-pump-reviews.com/heat-pump-prices.html today!

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