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Ten features of the new Horizon 2020 research plans, from robot farm aides to
In the energy section there is a call for proposals covering, “innovative and energy efficient cooling solutions, waste heat reuse, geographical and temporal workload balance, integration of local and remote renewable energy sources, integration in …
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Granite Staters go solar to heat homes, earn money
Each year, electric service providers comply with the law by acquiring renewable energy credits, or RECs, representing electricity generated from renewable sources. REC payments from utilities such as Eversource or Liberty fund the rebate program.
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About Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are a way to produce energy that essentially makes use of the power of the sun. While different from traditional solar power, the use of geothermal heat pumps is incredibly energy efficient and it helps you to save significantly on your electricity bills. When you install geothermal in your home, you can use the heat pump to both cool your house and heat your house in one of the most energy efficient ways possible.

How Do Geothermal Heat Pumps Work?

The key to understanding how geothermal heat pumps work is to understand that the soil below the surface of the earth does not change in temperature nearly as drastically as the air does. Underground below the frost line, the temperature maintains a consistent temperature that is far steadier than the air. In the Southeast, this steady temperature maintained below the frost line is around 65 degrees.

When you install a geothermal heat pump, loops are buried approximately fifty to seventy five feet underground, below the frost level, and are kept at this 65-degree temperature. The liquid in the loop circulates through the underground loop system and is moved to the geothermal heat pump. Geothermal heat pumps are then able to convert the liquid energy into energy that heats and cools your home.

Because most people usually keep their house temperature in a range of about 65-73 degrees depending on season and comfort level, the 65 degree liquid only needs to be heated or cooled a small amount in order to achieve the desired temperature for air in your home. This means that significant energy is saved because your heating system does not need to make large temperature adjustments to heat or cool.

Installing a Geothermal System

When a geothermal system is installed, there are three components you will need. A geothermal system is one required component. There are two types of systems available. Depending on your individual needs and space, the system may be water based or a direct exchange geothermal system. Your second component is the earth loop, which is responsible for transferring the heat from the earth to the pump. The final component is the air handler that distributes the warmed or cooled air to the rest of the home. Because the system is a multi-part system, it is important to have a qualified HVAC contractor with knowledge of geothermal heating and cooling install a system that meet your individual requirements.

While there is an up front cost to purchasing the components of the system, there are often tax credits provided by the government to offset the cost and encourage making this energy-efficient choice. Geothermal systems will also eventually pay for themselves by saving energy and reducing your utility bills.

Finding the Right Contractor

Once you have decided to have a geothermal system installed, it’s important that you find a trustworthy contractor to perform the work. Look for someone who:

. Has been working with geothermal systems for a long period of time.

. Has a proven track record of satisfied customers.

. Offers fair pricing.

Do your research before hiring a contractor and you will be much happier with the end result.

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Renewable Energy Sources-Clean & Safe Source


At present everybody relies on non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels and they are becoming more expensive. Though, these resources have helped the world’s economy to develop and industrialized for many years. It also made the lives easier and shifted towards a faster life environment. Now the trend is changing as the prices has gone up. Nobody wants to pay an extra price for the fuel, as we have much more cheap, clean renewable energy sources. The burning of fossil fuels causes real damage to the environment. This includes CO2 emissions, oil spillage, acid rain and explosion at a nuclear plant. Thus, it is the time when we move on to the pollution free and clean energy source. Renewable energy comes from the natural sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides etc that replenished in the normal course. These several energy sources can be applied for use within the infrastructure. With the increase in the latest and greatest technological advancements, the systems are becoming more efficient. They are environmentally friendly and free of cost. There uses can be as follows. The sun is the most powerful source of energy. The solar energy can be used for heating purpose, lighting and cooling homes and other buildings. They can also be used in generating electricity, heating water, and a variety of industrial processes. The solar energy can be used in an exactly flexible manner. Solar panels used in houses and communities to provide electricity. They are also used in large power stations. They provide heat for industrial processes and for supplementing large thermal power stations by using the solar concentrators in large installations. This is an inexhaustible-renewable energy sources and nonpolluting. The wind energy is one of the renewable source of energy. It captured by wind turbines and used to generate electricity. Windmills help in providing electricity. The three bladed windmills use turbines that connected to generators. They produce electricity, and they installed in the large windmill farms in large areas. Water is another renewable energy source that is continuously recharged by evaporation and precipitation cycle. The heat from the sun causes water in the sources to evaporate and form clouds. Then the water falls back to Earth in the form of rain or snow and fall back into rivers and streams that flow back to the ocean. This flowing water can be used to give power to water wheels that drive mechanical processes. They captured by turbines and generators at dams. Thus, the energy of water flowing can be used to produce electricity. Tides are more easily estimated than wind and solar energy. The energy supply from tides is extremely reliable and plentiful. Tidal power generation has to be tied using large power systems as they are available only when the tides move in or out. The heat inside the earth produces steam and hot water that can be used to generate power and produce electricity or for several other applications like heating home and, generate power for industries. Geothermal energy can be taken from deep underground reservoirs either by drilling or from the one closer to the surface.

New Energy Portal is supporting the development and growth of renewable energy sources in all the concerned fields. They work for the enhancement of the present situation of the world that wants a fundamental change in terms of energy usage. Thus, it stimulates everyone to Go Green and prefer renewable energy.

The Main Forms Of Renewable Energy

Since renewable energy can usually be obtained without performing considerable harm to the environment, men and women have already been establishing numerous ways to work with it effectively. Although the use of green energy is perhaps not a recent trend, financial investment within these technologies has grown in recent years as an answer towards rising costs of fossil gasoline in addition to results of international climate modification. Here are the five major types of renewable power sources:

• Wind power – Strong winds can handle working wind turbines that are found in some areas to create electricity. Normally these can be viewed along shorelines, particularly in areas where the wind is particularly strong. Wind energy sources are on a clean power that can be utilized as long as the wind continues to strike.

• liquid energy – powerful currents of liquid will also be effective at creating energy. Places where you will find big waterfalls are at a benefit since waterfall currents are extremely strong and that can assist provide a percentage of a city’s electric requirements. Liquid energy is split into variations. They’re: ocean power, hydroelectric energy, kinetic energy from damless hydro, and hydroelectric energy from micro-hydro systems.

• Solar energy – solar technology is obtained from sunshine. This technology relies on solar power panels that gather sunlight and turn it into voltage that will be then kept in a battery for future use. A small grouping of solar panel systems is called a photovoltaic variety and many property owners are actually installing their arrays yourself to augment or satisfy their energy needs. Solar energy could also be used to power individual things, eg lights and portable generators.

• Biomass energy – This energy sources are produced by professional production facilities that process wood and farming items. It is a normal item through the synthesis of trees as well as other flowers. While carbon dioxide emissions are produced through biomass, extent is lower than that from burning of fossil fuels. In addition, biomass cuts straight back on need to produce new landfills as a lot of waste tend to be eaten into the biomass procedure.

• Geothermal energy – Geothermal is obtained from deep into the Earth’s crust. Radioactive particles in the Earth are constantly decaying, creating an energy we can take advantage of for the very own usage. Whilst it’s not at all times an easy task to utilize this as a type of power, once a geothermal power station is installed and operating it gives a source of clean, trustworthy energy with just minimal effects into environment.

But not most of these technologies have already been employed to their complete potential however, it is anticipated that financial investment in alternate power sources continues to escalation in the impending years. It’s likely a combination of these technologies that can help lead us to a cleaner power future.

Ted Eckersley did when you look at the green power industry for close to 2 decades. Look at the writer’s web site for more in the advantages of solar energy.

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Utilizing Solar Energy Products


Solar energy is one of the renewable forms of energy which is in demand nowadays. Solar energy products have proved to be unique electricity generating resource for its ability to generate energy in clean and consistent way. The solar energy is also useful for a clean environment. The shift from non-renewable sources of energy, such as coal, towards the solar energy will contribute in making environment clean.

Many energy products are in use today. These include residential solar, commercial solar, and wholesale solar products. Most of the solar power companies also develop a customized solar panel depending upon the individual’s requirement. Thus it is very important to discuss your need with the company professionals.

What are Solar panels?

Generally, solar panels are installed on the roof facing the sun. Different solar panels are available for residential solar and commercial solar purposes. However, in both these main source i.e. solar panel remains the same. The photovoltaic cells on the solar system harness the energy. Not only solar panels are in demand, solar water heaters are also capturing the market. In these solar thermal systems energy of sun is used to heat the water which is then used for other household and commercial purpose, like heating the pool water. These heaters capture sunlight to heat water for domestic use or for a radiant heating system.

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells which are comprised of silicon along with phosphorus and boron. The solar panels are easy to maintain, as such they do not require much maintenance. Only little precautions will help you to keep them safe. It is important to place solar panels where they are safe from shade and debris. This will prevent you to wipe them often due to leaves and snow. Solar hot water collection arrays don’t need much attention either. Only you need to periodically use a window wash brush, biodegradable soap, and water to clean the tubes. These are easy to maintain.

What are benefits of solar energy products?

The solar energy products are a great source of minimizing the utility bills. With solar panels installed on your terrace, you get an alternate source of energy which is non-billable. If on a sunny day larger amount of energy is harnessed than required, you can easily sell this excess energy to the electrical company, thus generating large profits. Installing solar panels also make you eligible to get tax rebate.

The availability of different solar systems causes confusion in mind of users as of which system will suit their needs. This basically depends upon three factors, viz, your daily need of power, availability of other source of energy, and sun rays in your area. The skilled professionals will provide you with customized solar systems that suit your needs.

Solar energy products are one time investments. They serve you for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance cost. These result not only in saving your utility bills but also increasing value of your property and heavy tax rebate.

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Bio Diesel Versus Diesel


Bio diesel is a non-petroleum based diesel fuel that consists of propyl, esters, methyl and ethyl. It is made from the transesterification of fat from vegetables or animals oils, which are either blended or used independently. When blended they are mixed with petro- diesel in original cars. This fuel is usually regulated and as an ester but excludes other types of diesel. It is usually distributed to be sold in retail markets. Diesel is a fuel used in most fuel engines, has 7.09 density which translates to 18% more than petrol which has a density of 6.01. Diesel emits 38.6 MJ/I combustion when burnt.

When it comes to bio diesel, it requires earlier phase of ignition to guarantee maximum efficiency. The use of it helps in the preservation of the environment and there is no legal penalty for switching. The production of this is scalable as compared to the production of diesel, local co-operatives, small scale, business have produced this by the use of local means. This has contributed to home economics of most nations.

Bio- diesel can save the environment in many ways. Unlike diesel it uses waste products obtained from the environment such as farming products, they are viewed as by products of a very important pat of vegetation. It helps in the increase of efficiency since fewer natural resources are used to grow these materials. Bio-diesel uses the latest technology for its production and in particular traps and filters thus helping reduce the effects on climate that are come from emissions. Marginal parcels of land are used in the production of bio diesel in third world countries. Nuts that produce oil are usually grown along roads and rail lines. In tropical regions such as Malaysia, palm oil is grown rapidly to meet demand in first world countries. Putting in mind that the source of bio diesel is the sun, the over reliance of diesel is becoming less and less. This is through the process of photosynthesis.

The reduction of greenhouse emissions is reduced by bio diesel same to pollution and biodegradation. The demand of first generation bio fuels is reduced by bio diesel too. The reliance of first generation fuels such a diesel brings about emissions that harm the atmosphere and environment. Diesel comes from one source while bio diesel can come from several sources such as algae. From algae, it is produced through the transesterification of triglyceride oil with monohydric alcohols. It can be used in any engine without any modification but this is not the case with diesel.

Confirmation from scientist states that the emissions from bio diesel are less harmful than diesel fumes. This fuel is stored in a dark, dry and clean environment. Acceptable storage materials include, steel, aluminum, fluorinated polyethylene, fluorinated polypropylene and teflon, brass, copper, lead, zinc and tin. Bio diesel can be used pure or can be mixed with petrol at any ratio. It is safe to use and is highly recommended as compared to diesel that most people are doing away with.

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Wind Energy ? One Of The Important Renewable Energy Source


People are showing an increased tendency towards possessing-wind turbine for generating electricity on their own. They are also contributing to reduce environmental problems that arise from carbon-based energy sources. A wind turbine is a tool that transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical or mechanical energy. If energy used to produce electricity, then the device known as wind generator (or wind charger), whereas if it used to control machines like pumping water or grinding grain etc then it referred to as wind mill (or wind pump). The blowing wind rotates the blades of the turbine. Thus, the working of the turbine generates electricity with this rotation. Wind turbine is of two types, horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines. Both of them have distinct advantages and disadvantages of its own, but horizontal axis are more common due to its higher efficiency. Individual turbines used for different purposes that range from supplying power for small electrical devices. The grid connection is not possible to meet part of the energy demand of any place. These systems can either be standalone or grid connected. The power output can be directly used from a standalone-wind turbine, whereas excess electricity produced can be supplied to the national grid system in grid-connected systems. They can range from small 50W to top 3 MW, depending on the point use. Individual turbines for internal demand have smaller dimensions that make them suitable for used in relatively smaller areas. Their capacities varies from 50 watts to 50 kilowatts and prices vary depending on the sizes, types and manufacturers. The smallest turbines used in places like battery charging or auxiliary power on sailing boats. The large grid-connected arrays of turbines are becoming a comprehensive source for commercial electric power. The potential issues are becoming a daily concern for everyone and thus wind energy is acquiring reputation.

The wind farms are a group of a number of individual-wind turbines that used to produce electricity. The fundamentals used for producing electricity through them is remarkably easy. Highly efficient wind turbines used in the places where the greatest amount of wind energy received. These turbines can either be worth as standard horizontal windmills or vertical windmills. The wind rotates the blades as it passes, and thus, in turn a generator rotated within the turbine. This rotating motion transforms the wind energy into electricity when the generator works then it forward into company power grid or may be stored in batteries. This procedure is somewhat similar to hydro power in which wind used instead of water. Their main goal is to search the locations where wind flows as frequently as possible. The ideal locations for wind farms are often places along the shorelines or in valleys that are funneling winds from the shore. Shorelines depict fertile wind generation areas. The open space of the ocean allows the winds that generated from remote locations, to move towards shorelines. The most crucial issue is to produce enough energy at low price and a reasonable energy production platform.

New Energy Portal supports the growth, development in all fields of renewable energy. They understand the critical situation of the planet and thus want everyone to be eco-friendly. Thus, they prefer to use renewable energy sources like sun, water and wind. Wind energy has its applications in wind turbine used in wind farms, to generate electricity.

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Low-carbon living is not only a spending power, but also an attitude to life, one can not reduce the existing standard of living under the premise of scientific and rational choice, savings


The green lifestyle. Spring Festival approaching, the reporter learned that many consumers are planning a start from the home appliance to have a stylish red-hot bumper year.


Into a rigid target selection

Reporters in Beijing Suning, Gome, Dazhong stores such as home appliances survey learned that low-power products have become the major types of

Small appliances

The main push products. Beijing in the medium and large refrigerators sold in the tower shop area, “3 days 1 kWh of electricity”, “4 days a unit of electricity” and other information messages everywhere. Refrigerators and washing machines on the energy efficiency label pasted on the product showed most of the energy efficiency rating is 1 or 2, while the air conditioning is a small amount of 3, 4 products, most energy-efficient products mark out the amount of subsidies.

Consumers are selecting the refrigerator Miss Sun told reporters that she had just had several promising capacity of 186 liters refrigerator, 2,499 yuan for a 24-hour power consumption is 0.29 degrees, 2,299 yuan for a 24-hour power consumption is 0.39 degrees. “Although the price difference of 200 yuan, but overall doing we use energy-saving products, or able to spend the money from the savings in electricity savings, in both countries in their own benefit, and very affordable.” Ms. Sun said so.

Another consumer also said that energy conservation is a fixed target of his purchase home appliances. And major appliances than using a longer time, and now have to implement steps tariff system, so eventually able to buy energy-efficient appliances cost more to spend out of province.

Marketing officer told reporters, energy-saving air-conditioning power consumption is about 0.75 kwh per hour, normal air conditioning power consumption is about 1.2-1.3 kWh per hour, energy-saving rate of 40%. Although the energy-saving appliances than the average price of slightly more expensive appliances, but in general large household appliances in use for several years, combined with state subsidies, to count or to buy energy-efficient products more cost-effective.

Material selection to re-

Environmental protection

Fluorine in Europe and Japan have frequency coverage up to 100% air-conditioning, the United States from January 1, 2010 banned refrigerant R22 and R142b refrigerant air conditioner (air conditioning fluoride) production and imports. In accordance with the “Montreal Protocol” provides our country from January 1 this year complete ban Freon from substances,

In the country, has already completed a freon refrigerator replacement, freon-free refrigerators have become mainstream. The start of the Year 2010, the new cold, the air conditioning freon air conditioning also increased brand promotion efforts. Haier air conditioning as the joint formation of several top suppliers the world’s first low-carbon chain fluorine-free inverter air conditioner, while joint

Best Buy

, Suning, Gome chain of five major professional retail channel, initiated the “promotion of inverter air conditioner freon Union”, in order to fully accelerate the popularization of fluorine-free inverter air conditioner. The fluorine-free United States also announced its new frequency range will be all green with fluorine-free refrigerant R410A, will not damage the ozone layer, more environmentally friendly, in the heat absorption and release process, the heat transfer more efficient, more energy efficient.


The inverter air conditioner is also used in all the new refrigerant R410a.

Although the fluorine-free air conditioning

price than the regular products you from 300 to 500 yuan, but the agency statistics show that in 2009 its market share has exceeded 70%, fluorine-free air conditioning in 2008 was less than 40% market share, This data shows changes in fluorine-free air conditioning is becoming the mainstream of the Chinese market, China’s air conditioner market to the international fast convergence.

Industry experts predict, as the concept of low-carbon life, enjoys popular support, the consumer’s intention to purchase freon appliances will become more apparent, and the market’s further expansion will be encouraged to gradually reduce its price.

Upgrade also say low-carbon

“The old washing machine is used at home for 10 years, taking advantage of the Spring Festival promotion, then I must have another energy saving of

Washing Machine

. “Stores are doing” homework before buying, “and Mr. Liu told reporters that his home appliances are bought marriage, I used to think does not break down on very good, only recently heard of home appliances have limited service life, extended service of home appliances not only cost electricity, gas charges, no security, and so want to take his home appliances are updated as energy, water, Solar Terms.

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Solar energy is ready to expand dramatically in Texas
No doubt, solar energy is only economical now due to the investment tax credit, but coal and natural gas also receive subsidies. Renewable-energy advocates say they would happily give up the credits, if lawmakers leveled the playing field with fossil …
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Sauk Rapids approves solar development moratorium
Subscribers often receive tax credits for using renewable energy. Local cities have been looking at creating partnerships with solar energy companies as a way to save money. In July, St. Cloud City Council voted to support solar energy generation by …
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Sale gives local energy firm more firepower
"In the near term I think our clear objective will be to take advantage of what we both bring to the party — his experience in solar, our ability to help him reach out further and to capitalize on what's available to us through the tax incentives and …
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St. Pete clean power business attracts Ca buyer
SPEED lets property holders finance the entire price of power and water effectiveness and renewable energy updates to their houses and companies then repay those prices on the residential property goverment tax bill. Nationwide, PACE has actually financed about $ 1 billion in jobs …
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Nordex Buys Acciona Unit for 0 Million to enhance Abroad
Germany's biggest wind-turbine maker decided to purchase its counterpart in Spain in a transaction that may produce the fifth-largest producer associated with technology globally amid a change toward renewable power. Nordex SE will pay money and stock respected …
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KFW signs two loan pacts really worth Euro 125 mn with Asia
Government of Asia and KFW (Federal Republic of Germany) finalized here yesterday two loan agreements really worth Euro 125 Millions for financing two tasks underneath the Green Energy Projects (GEC) programme- Himachal Pradesh (Euro 57 million) and Andhra …
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Metros should lead the way with renewable, IPPs – Silas Zimu
Zimu stated nothing is within the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) that stops municipalities from moving forward with green power tasks through IPPs. “simply get it done. Make the danger. We’re going to support you. Joburg has an electrical buy …
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