Analysis: Citizen ownership at risk from new system

Analysis: Citizen ownership at risk from new system
Onshore wind in Germany is very granular. Around 58% of the country's 25GW onshore wind turbines are grouped in projects with fewer than seven turbines, according to the economy ministry. Of these, nearly 3,900 turbines are single, stand-alone projects.
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India's National Stock Exchange Switches To Wind Power
One of the leading stock exchanges in India, the National Stock Exchange (NSE), has invested in a wind energy project for captive power consumption. The stock exchange, the largest in India in terms of daily volume traded, will fulfil 65% of its power …
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Bioenergy can deliver cleaner future, says global report

Bioenergy can deliver cleaner future, says global report
A global bioenergy assessment has said biofuels could meet up to a third of the world's transportation fuel needs by the middle of the century. The report – involving experts from 24 nations – said bioenergy had the potential to be a key driver in …
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Scientists Design Microbe That Helps In Biofuel Production
The study has been conducted by scientists from the Department of Energy's BioEnergy Science Center (BESC). The new research builds on previous results from 2011 that reported on the first genetically engineered microbe able to directly produce …
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Asia's Largest Business Partnering Event – Biotech Industry Key Players from
As an integrated exhibition that embodies regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, diagnostics, functional food, bio-energy and other facets, this event gathers top-level executives as well as experts responsible for R&D, business development, …
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Joule Patents Organism for Biofuels

Here’s articles about Joules patenting an organism for biofuels; a tremendously interesting tale regarding patenting an “organism”, thanks to

“The Cambridge, Massachusetts start-up company Joule infinite stated it absolutely was granted a patent for a procedure that uses organisms to transform sunlight and skin tightening and directly into hydrocarbons that can be a drop-in gas replacement.

The Joule system, labeled as the Solar Converter system, looks like a solar PV panel. Inside, designed organisms bathed in sunlight prey on CO2 and secrete hydrocarbon fuels. Joule professionals say they have been on a path toward creating fuel for around $ 30 per barrel equivalent. Thus far, with little knowledge to monitor, that target is hard to assess. The company is looking to complete creating its pilot center in Tx by the end of the year.

The company made a huge splash final autumn when it came out of stealth mode and stated it might produce around 15,000 gallons of diesel per acre per year, and 10,000-20,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year at commercial scale. Those figures are extraordinarily large – if Joule could possibly get to one half that manufacturing, it will be a feat. People tend to be apparently excited about the possibility. The increased $ 30 million this might in a round of capital with Flagship endeavors. MIT’s Technology Review recently place Joule on its 2010 set of top ten innovators. Listed here is videos from their website with a summary associated with organization’s efforts.”

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Pupils plan tasks within the solar technology industry

Pupils prepare for tasks inside solar technology industry
This grant would pay for pupil training at Southern Park senior high school in solar business, and would additionally buy them to accomplish and associates degree at ECC. Eventually, it would put them first-in-line for employment production solar energy panels at Solar City.
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Hydropower Department Dives Into 210 MW Solar Energy Buy
Crazy, right? The other day the usa Navy launched that it’ll be setting up with a huge brand-new 210 megawatt solar technology purchase, the greatest ever before of its type by any federal company, but that's not exactly what caught our attention. Here's exactly what caught our attention: the new …
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Latest DTE Energy solar power project a number of years into the making
"Representatives of City of Ypsilanti and DTE Energy have been working for many years to bring this project towards city," stated city-manager Ralph A. Lange. "Our company is happy that this project will create clean solar energy for residents of …
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DTE Energy plans solar powered energy center in Michigan
The organization features set up nearly 10 megawatts of solar energy at 22 websites in southeastern Michigan under a green energy effort. They feature projects at Ford Motor Co. headquarters in Dearborn and Monroe Community College in Monroe.
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Latest Renewable Energy News

Idaho regulators limit small-scale renewable energy contracts to 2 years
PURPA, as the law is known, was written to encourage developers to come up with smaller, alternative energy projects. It requires regulated utilities to buy energy from qualifying renewable projects at rates the same as the utility would pay to …
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A greener grid: Tribe, HSU celebrate groundbreaking of self-sustaining
Members of the Blue Lake Rancheria along with national and state level energy officials broke ground at the future site of the rancheria's new solar energy site on Monday. Funded through a $ 5 million state grant, the project would allow the rancheria …
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WSU Tri-Cities prof receives grant to study high-energy biofuels

WSU Tri-Cities prof receives grant to study high-energy biofuels
Lei said he hopes to succeed in identifying catalysts that will enable him to convert biomass into bio-oil, which can then be upgraded into aromatics using an integrated catalytic microwave pyrolysis process and packed-bed upgrading catalysis process.
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New Commanding Officer at MCAS Miramar
Woodworth added. Under Farnam's leadership, the command excelled in water and energy conservation efforts. Not only did he pass the torch today, but officially retired from the Marine Corp. The next step for him, a Bio-Tech company in La Jolla. It is …
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The Bio-Massters: If You Build It, They Will Cut and Cut and Cut
Federal and state agency personnel, along with members of the biomass industry, have made statements demonstrating that the construction of a bioenergy facility is likely to result in a local increase in logging, including in National Forests, by …
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Obama's New Climate Rules Will Harm Poor, Minority Americans more

Obama's New Climate Rules Will Harm Bad, Minority Us Americans many
They are able to rather put in place a carbon taxation, apply a cap-and-trade program, or force pricier green energy mandates on families and organizations. The point is, no matter what says decide to do, the commercial discomfort are believed, which explains why …
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Energy bill seeks lower fuel prices, maybe not the 'hidden tax' opponents claim
It's already been nearly 10 years since Ca adopted landmark climate and clean-energy guidelines that pushed the state's biggest emitters to cover their pollution, while jump-starting our renewable-energy economic climate and increasing quality of air for the …
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Solarize South Carolina to help homeowners navigate their way to solar power

Solarize South Carolina to help homeowners navigate their way to solar power
Kyle Dobbins (from left), Coty Lamb, Nick Bustmante and Tony Preston of Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions install the first of 30 260-watt solar panels, ordered through the SmartPower's Solarize South Carolina campaign. The team worked last week on the …
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Use Google's New Mapping Tool To See How Much Solar Panels Would Benefit Your Home
Solar power is cheaper than buying from the grid in cities like Boston, San Francisco, and San Jose—even without any government credits. Now, if you live in one of those cities, a new tool from Google will calculate exactly how much you can save by …
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Latest Solar Power News

Next Texas Energy Boom: Solar
FORT STOCKTON, Texas—A new energy boom is taking shape in the oil fields of west Texas, but it's not what you think. It's solar. Solar power has gotten so cheap to produce—and so competitively priced in the electricity market—that it is taking hold …
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India To Have World's First 100% Solar Powered Airport
India is tackling its air pollution problem with a major investment in solar power, starting with the world's first 100 percent solar powered airport. After having six of its cities make the top 10 list of places with the worst air pollution, India is …
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Want to consider solar power at your house? You can soon turn to Google
The tech giant has launched Project Sunroof, which uses Google's high-resolution aerial imaging and mapping capabilities to assess how well solar panels would perform on your home. Included in the calculation? Local weather patterns, roof orientation …
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