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Packing services NYC is an important institution as well organization to pack the good and transport it to a particular place. There are many companies in the market giving the facility of packing,moving,loading and unloading etc. The services are given in economical cost and with reliability and the progress of the co depends upon the behavior of the staff towards the co. Actually this type of service oriented co have branches everywhere and they are equipped with telephone,fax,and other facility at their door-step. The process of relocation of goods also plays a integral part .In the process of relocation following items are included:


1)Firstly the goods are packed safely


2)good gets transported via any of the desired channels


3)goods are unpacked and relocated to places where the customer wants to put.


Household goods services are also important for the companies reputation build up. Now the goods are packed in such a way to decrease the cost per packing after that goods are transported to the destination again the goods are unpacked and again they are relocated in the place where the customer needs.


Car transportation services in also very important in this the car in parked in a truck and the truck then transports the car to some another destination. Professional movers nyc are the key components in moving things from on place to another within the budget of the customer.


Now insurance is also one of the key things which motivate the customer to feel secure till the goods are transported to destination in safe manner. Actually all the companies wants the goods to reach the desired spot without any hindrances but man cannot unforeseen incidents i.e loss due to fire, or due to theft etc but to avoid this the co gives insurance policy to the customer so that goods are insured and if any mishaps happen the customer the recover from the amt of insurance.


Now corporate moving and packing is also important point of discussion. As they all know that the office goods to be transported from one place to another is considered as corporate goods. And the co packs the goods firstly then transports it to the particular destination and the unpack the goods at the spot decided by the goods owner. They are reliable convenient way of understanding.


Now escorts services also play any important role the team-leader remains till the goods get transported to the destination prescribed. And the major benefit is the customer does not get losses due to some unethical or some malpractices.


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Global Geothermal Power and Heat Pump Market Outlook: (2010-2015)



Original Source: Geothermal Power Market 

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Geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy derived from the earth’s crust. The heat available underneath is called as geothermal heat, which is utilized to generate power by drilling wells and employing various technologies such as dry steam, flash steam, and binary cycle. Another major utilization of geothermal heat is its direct use in space heating, aquaculture, horticulture, swimming pools, and spa treatments. These two applications form the geothermal energy industry and are the focus areas of interest in the report.


The report provides comprehensive analysis and forecast of geothermal energy industry. The analysis and forecasts are based on key data points regarding installed capacity, technological developments and use, market segments, research and development. It incorporates cost related aspects of the geothermal energy industry categorized into fixed and variable costs.


The report also consists of updates and developments in the market during the last 12 months. The surging prices of non-renewable sources, petroleum in particular and growing concern over pollution control is helping the growth of the market for renewable sources of energy.


Markets Covered

The major applications of geothermal energy like electricity generation and direct use (geothermal heat pump installations) have been covered in great detail. The sub-types of these applications of geothermal energy based on their conversion technologies and equipments have been analyzed in detail. We have done an in-depth competitive landscape and geographic analysis for each of the markets and their sub-segments, covering the major markets, viz. Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW).



· Geothermal power plant companies

· Geothermal industry equipment manufacturers

· Government agencies

· Institutional investors/shareholders

· Power distributors

· Environmental research institutes


Research Methodology

The global geothermal energy market is analyzed and forecasted for the period 2010 to 2015. Market forecasts are based on primary and secondary research data. The market structure is designed on the basis of the secondary research conducted to study the product portfolios of major global renewable energy companies. This structure is cross-validated through primaries conducted with the industry players and KOL’s (Key opinion leaders). The secondary research was based on paid sources such as Factiva and basic internet search for relevant news articles and websites of companies and associations.


The major players have been profiled on the basis of their recent additions to installed capacities, future projects, and publicly available information. The market value for geothermal electricity is calculated on the basis of average tariff rates in major countries.


For geothermal heat pumps, market is forecasted on the basis of cumulative number of installations assuming average capacity of heat pump to be 12kW. The installed capacity of geothermal heat pump is approximated to be 67% of total installed capacity based on secondary and primary research.


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MarketsandMarkets (M&M) is a global market research and consulting company based in the U.S. We publish strategically analyzed market research reports and serve as a business intelligence partner to Fortune 500 companies across the world. MarketsandMarkets also provides multi-client reports, company profiles, databases, and custom research services.


M&M covers thirteen industry verticals, including advanced materials, automotive and transportation, banking and financial services, biotechnology, chemicals, consumer goods energy and power, food and beverages, industrial automation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and electronics, and telecommunications and IT. We at MarketsandMarkets are inspired to help our clients grow by providing apt business insight with our huge market intelligence repository. To know more about us and our reports, please visit our



MarketsandMarkets (M&M) is a global market research and consulting company based in the U.S.

We publish strategic advisory reports and serve as a business intelligence partner to Fortune 500 companies

across the globe. MarketsandMarkets also provides multi-client reports, company profiles, databases, and custom

research services.


Geothermal Energy: Harnessing the Heat Beneath Your Feet

Right below your feet is a source of renewable energy that is largely untapped. It heats groundwater by conduction and convection as it travels toward the surface of the earth. Lawrence Livermore National Lab scientists Carol Bruton and John Ziagos explain how geothermal energy can be used to generate electricity or heat buildings. Series: Science on Saturday [10/2008] [Science] [Show ID: 15238]
Video Rating: / 5

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EU energy roadmap 2050


The EU is at a very delicate point in time with regards to energy and climate change
policies. The current state of play will entail several ongoing pivotal and strategical
debates: the ETS system which needs to be revised, the shale gas issue, as well as the
new energy efficiency targets are highlighting limp policy improvements, especially at a
member states level.

With regards to the inextricable interrelation between energy and climate change
policies, the EU seems thus to be arrived at a crucial stage which will determine the
credibility of its future engagements. If the European public debate and declaration of
intent, particularly from the Commission, have clearly paved the way for a transition to a
low carbon economy, the decision making process is encountering several internal and
external hustles. In addition, low carbon prices and the success of shale gas extraction
in the US have disrupted the discreet success of the international public discourse in the
aftermath of the Durban Convention on climate change.

As notably some of the 2020 emission reduction objectives have been achieved also
due to the economic downturn, at the present stage, the future of a credible policy of
transition towards a low-carbon economy relies upon a credible political engagement
which appears under pressure. Changing the direction of the EU economic model in time
of economic crisis is evidently not an easy task, in particular when trying to implement a
business-friendly environment through environmentally-friendly investments. Managing
risk and opportunities of a low carbon transition implies that businesses have certainty
on the pathway and on timely decision making, as well as on the predictability of highlevel
political direction.

In order to deal with this changing policy and regulatory environment, entrepreneurs
from all energy sectors need to know which emerging policies and developments will
affect their operations most significantly and how to best anticipate the uncertain
markets and the impacts of future changes. Europe as a whole is sending contrasting
signals which are not helping renewables to receive the impetus which is needed for the
target set out to reach as a long-term strategy. If on the one hand, the EU agrees on
high environmental standards, on the other hand, this fact is confirming the viability of
the so called lowest common denominator decision-making process.

This method is arguably unable to provide the activeness which is required by the current scenario.It will be fundamental to understand which will be the immediate future of energy
policies, especially from the point of view of the energy mix which the EU intends to
adopt for the future.The interplay between the debates on the energy road map and the
shale gas issue, along with the discussion on offshore gas drilling, should give a
valuable insight on these matters currently under debate: the EU energy production, its
environmental standards and the obstacles towards a low carbon economy transition.

The path towards the EU Energy Roadmap 2050

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change reached an agreement
towards future legally binding actions to take at a global level (10 December 2011). The
EU has emerged as the major propelling force due to its legitimate interests and its
previous commitments under the Kyoto agreements, which should serve as a flying
bridge for this new establishment. All countries participating at the Convention, including
reluctant India and China, agreed upon both a new mitigation regime to be discussed by
2015 and the beginning of its implementation by 2020. In addition, a package of climate
friendly measures should be enforced under the Green Climate Fund1 which should
allocate $ 100 billion. This contribution should flow from rich to emerging countries,
though it is still unclear who, among the former, should bear the costs.

Subsequently (15 December), the EU Commission has made public a long-awaited
Communication with a detailed description of the policy orientation towards an “Energy
Roadmap 2050″2. This new strategy has the ambitious aim to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions (GGE) of 80-90% by 2050, given 1990 levels. The implementation of the
previously put-into-force 2020 strategy has so far achieved a reduction level of 10%.
Even though there has been a widespread agreement on the valuable contribution of the
recession to this result, the Commission has clearly stated the achievability of these new
ambitious aims, given the current trend scenarios undertaken within its analysis and
public consultations.

In addition, despite uncertainties with regards to the commercial use of shale gas and
the introduction of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system, as well as to the role of
nuclear power and climate change attitudes around the world, the Energy Roadmap
communication takes a clear positive stance claiming the necessity of a “no regrets”
approach. The policy orientation towards the enhancing of an environmentally
sustainable energy market, the boosting of the EU economy and the security of supplies
have thus daringly emerged both at a Council and at a Commission level, though within
some degree of discrepancy on the priorities during and after the consultation period at
the beginning of last year.                                                                                                                                       

The Commission has also been preparing specific goals on relevant sectorial policy challenges, as actions towards the power sector, transports, industries, residential and services, as well as agriculture need to be calibrated with their respective patterns. 

Boosting energy efficiency and differentiation measures and provide
for a favourable investing climate will be essential. The Commission recognised that
uncertainty is a major barrier to investment and it is necessary to provide for a firm
forward-looking policy and legislative framework.

In order to assure a secure competitive, decarbonised energy system, the energy sector
is in need to be gradually reshaped given the need to consider developments throughout
the globe and especially within suppliers in neighbour countries. The highly volatile
fossils fusels prices are considered dangerous for the EU economy both in terms of
competitiveness and supply security, as the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the Libyan
case have soundly demonstrated.

The Commission has undertaken that a major shift within the energy paradigm was also
globally needed in order to offset the effects of the forecasted changes within the internal
market. This is a point of view can explain the EU diplomatic boldness at the Durban
Convention. The EU energy mix is in fact expected to be radically reshaped by 2050.

Expected scenario
Renewables should increase up to 60% of the supply, the nuclear is supposed to
gradually fade away, while oil and solid fuels should be drastically reduced to lower one
digit percentages. Gas should remain in a steady state confirming its strategic role in the
transition to a decarbonised economy4. Energy efficiency and electricity will play a
pivotal role. While the Commission has already presented an Energy Efficiency Plan,
emphasising the necessity to influence consumers’ habitudes as well, electricity costs
are persisted to rise to 2030, when refurbishment infrastructures costs over the 30/40
years foreseen to complete the energy shift, should be mortised.

Decentralisation is considered another important driver of change. The interplay
between infrastructures and an efficient energy internal market have in fact been
frequently pointed out. Hindering factors for a common energy market is often attributed
both to main providers’ resistance and the absence of a European energy smart grid,
which are often not convenient for large nation–based companies.

The issue of storage is featured high as well within this new EU strategy, as storage
technologies are maintained critical. Greater efficiencies and competitiveness are
required to go along with the improvement of infrastructures in order to manage the
variations of wind and solar power. This factor should decrease the need for backup
capacity and baseload supplies.

As a result of all the above, investments in R&D are strongly encouraged with the double
aim of boosting the EU economy and of speeding up the commercialization of all lowcarbon
energy solutions.

The EU Energy Roadmap has been drafted within two main principles: firstly, climate
changes call for a swift and concrete action. Secondly, being energy defined as a public
good, it needs to be managed within an effective open-market under the EU framework.
It will thus result strategical to tackle this issue in order to reshape and readapt the EU
economy to the current political and economical global mainstreams. The Commission
has also understandably underlined the capital importance of a broader and more
coordinated EU approach to international energy relations.

«L’absurde naît de cette confrontation entre l’appel humain et le silence déraisonnable du monde», A.Camus, Le Mythe de Sisyphe, 1942

Energy star dehumidifier


Energy star dehumidifier is the latest and efficient model that consumes less energy to make environment friendly and normal. Energy star dehumidifier models have more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans than conventional models, which means they use less energy to remove moisture.  Energy star dehumidifier prevents damage to your home’s structure, protect your indoor air quality, lower the humidity in your environment and minimize allergens. Dehumidifier works well in your rooms, home, offices, basement, halls and even crawl spaces. It keeps your environment dry and air breeze with the help of its dehumidifier. Energy star dehumidifier use less energy to reduce dehumidify from air.


Purify room environment

This is the basic need of every customer today. Everyone wants to purify its room and living places from moisture and other allergen organs. Energy star dehumidifier works for the room’s environment and keep the temperature normal. This product absorbs the moist and water from air and sends it to the bucket. 

Drain bucket

During the working of this unit, the air is drawn into the dehumidifier and water is extracted and collected in a drain bucket throughout a hose. When this process is complete, comfortable, dry and healthier air is dispersed into your space.


Dehumidifier is variable in their size, pint capacity and features. Select the best unit that suits your space, location and area for locating.

Empty water 3ways

In this unit 3 different ways are opted for empty the water.


Portable dehumidifier is the great option to move the device for removing smell, humid and moisture from the different areas of your home. Whole house dehumidifiers control the moisture from entire space in which the model is located. Two sides’ handles and wheels make it easier to move from one place to another even in basement areas. Its wheels help it to move to the desire location. Just roll and carry to another location to get the benefit.

Suitable for basement

The unit can pump the water upward to drain out a basement window or into a sink, up to 16 feet with the provided hose. Energy star dehumidifier works well in basement and even crawl spaces. You can select the capacity according to your space and location.

Electronic Control

The electronic controls allow you to monitor humidity and temperature. You have to select the best model that is designed to control the humidity in your specific area. The dehumidifier also provides a push-button electronic control panel for selecting one of three fans speed, increasing or decreasing the room humidity-level.

Energy star dehumidifier products are such products that have been approved for being energy efficient. This product uses 20% to 30% less energy than the standard set by the Federal Government. This labeling was created in 1992 by the United States Environment protection Agency. By 2006, more than forty thousand products were ready for marketing which meet the energy star standard. 

2008 Deep Research Report on Global and China Thin Film Solar Cell Industry — Aarkstore Enterprise


Summary :

2004 German Government Subsidy on Solar industry brought great increased of global solar energy industry, Strong demand of solar energy lead solar grade polysilicon shortage and very high profit margin of global polysilicon manufacturers. While year 2007, great success of US First Solar brought a new era of Thin Film solar cell. 1.3$ /wp low cost, 11% middle high efficiency, EU and US large and long term contracts, large-scale manufacturing without raw materials shortage….all these factors help First Solar achieved high profit margin, greatly increasing revenue and high-reliable income expectation. This also meant year 2007 and the coming years will be the goldtime for thin film solar. During the passing 2007, thin film is the hottest field in solar industry. A lot of new projects hold foundation or put into production, equipments vendors owned a lot of new equipment orders even though they have more than 1 year contracts with full production capacity. Beside US First Solar, Japan Sharp also started their large capacity thin film plan, German Q-CELL Schott Solar etc also invested a lot on thin film solar cell, Taiwan published more than 10 thin film project almost in one day, China Suntech increased their thin film investment before their commercial production, Shenzhen Topray Solar went public successfully, Hebei Xinao Group invested about 14billion RMB on thin film business etc news all showed thin film was welcomed by more and more capital and attention, thin film low cost and more energy help reducing solar power cost compare with crystal silicon solar energy though C-Si PV will be the key product in the near future. But for long time seeing, thin film likely can be the hero on reducing solar power cost or even less than traditional fire power.

2008 Deep Research Report on Global and China Thin Film Solar Cell Industry was published by  Solar Energy Research Center in Feb 2008. It a professional and depth research report on global and China thin film solar cell industry chain. In the report, the following information will be included:

Global or China thin film (CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si(Single Tandam or triple junction) amorphous/microcrystalline[a-Si/μc-Si] double junction) etc) Manufacturing Process and related technology information;
2005-2013 Global and China thin film solar cell Manufacturers capacity, production and expansions
Market share by manufacturers by regions by technology (CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si a-Si/μc-Si etc);
Global and China Building or Planning thin film new projects and related information about these new comers;
2005-2013 global and China thin film solar cell supply demand and shortage
Global and China thin film solar cell (module) Cost Price Value and Profit Margin
USA EU Japan China Taiwan etc regional thin film production and market share
CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si(Single Tandam or triple junction) amorphous/microcrystalline[a-Si/μc-Si] double junction) manufacturing process and their productions and market share
12 items (such as revenue production technology shareholders customer contacts etc) of each manufacturer (more than 70 thin film manufacturers)
Thin film solar cell or module efficiency of all manufacturers in the world and China
Thin film solar cell industry development trend (2008-2013) and related conclusions

Table of Contents :

Chapter One Thin Film Solar Cell Overview 1
1.1 Definition of Thin Film Solar Cell 1
1.2 Classification and Application 3
1.3 Industry Chain Structure 5
1.4 Difference between Thin Film and Crystal Silicon Solar Cell 5

Chapter Two Manufacture Technology and Processes of Thin Film Solar Cell 6
2.1 Thin Film Manufacturing Technology Overview 6
2.2 CdTe Manufacturing Process 6
2.3 CIS/CIGS Manufacturing Process 8
2.4 Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells Manufacturing Process 9
2.5 Other Thin Film Manufacturing Process 16

Chapter Three Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 2008-2013 19
3.1 CdTe Productions Overview 19
3.2 CIS/CIGS Productions Overview 23
3.3 Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell Productions Overview 27
3.4 Global Total Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Overview 34
3.5 Global Thin Film Solar Cell Demand 37
3.6 Supply and Demand of Global Thin Film Solar Cell 40
3.7 Thin Film Solar Cell Cost Price Value Efficiency Profit Margin 40

For more information please visit :

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Deep Research Report on Global and China Solar Cell and Module Industry — Aarkstore Enterprise


2009 Deep Research Report on Global and China Solar Cell and Module Industry was solar energy research center in Dec 2009.It was a deep research report on global and china solar cell and solar module industry. In this report the following information was include 2005~2013 Global and China Solar Cell/Module Productions Supply, Sales, Demand, Market, Status and Forecast
Detail information of Global 28 Solar Cell/Module Vendors and China Local 31 Vendors
Company Basic Information (products, income customers, materials& equipment capacity Expansion plans shareholders operation & Management Team etc 13 Items)
Company financial information solar cell and solar modules production Capacity revenue cost Gross margin Average selling price average cost of sales etc
Company Upstream midstream downstream information Main contracts, partners project and related information main products production base and related information etc
Project development strategy was also introduced according supply and demand relationship Manufacture Technology and Equipment
Also analyse global and China solar cell and module development trend according Global PV industry development trend and related countires policies
At last,  listed deep research conclusions according solar cell and module yesterday today and tomorrow and also analyse new solar cell and module project feasibility via a special case.

In a word, it was a deep research report on global and china solar cell and module industry chain. And thanks to the global and China solar cell and module marketing or technology experts support during solar cell and module research team survey and interviews.

Table of Contents :

Chapter One Introduction 1
1.1 Purpose and Scope 1
1.2 Methodology 1

Chapter Two Solar Cell and Module Executive Summary 4
2.1 Definition of Solar Cell 4
2.2 Classification and Application 10
2.3 Industry Chain Structure 13
2.4 Difference in Single-Crystal Silicon,Multi-Crystal Silicon and a-Si thin film solar cell 14
2.5 Advocate solar power 16

Chapter Three Manufacture Technology and Equipment of Solar Cell 23
3.1 Manufacture Technology of Solar Cell in Lab overview 23
3.1.1 About Light absorption 23
3.1.2 About metallization technology 24
3.1.3 About PN-junction- forming technology 24
3.1.4 About surface and bulk passivation techniques 25
3.2 Manufacture Technology of Solar Cell in industrial overview 25
3.2.1 Characteristics of Industrial Production 25
3.2.2 Screen printing and related techniques 25
3.3 Manufacture Technology of Solar Cell overview 27
3.4 Equipment and staffing of production line overview 35
3.5Global equipment industry analysis40
3.5.1 Situation and Analysis of International Solar Cell Equipment 40
3.5.2 Situation and Analysis of Homemade solar cell equipment 41
3.5.3 Global Solar cell equipment supplier 48

For more information please visit :

Aarkstore Enterprise specialize in providing online market business information on market research reports, books, magazines, conference booking at competitive prices, and strive to provide excellent and innovative service to our customers. We are built on the premise that reading is valuable, capable of stirring emotions and firing the imagination. Whether your looking for new product trends or competitive analysis of a new or existing market, Aarkstore Enterprise has the best resource.

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Diy Solar Energy Panels


Hand made solar panel systems are generating a buzz inside DIY community especially for the hobbyists. You think it really is impossible to produce your individual solar panel systems in your house? Then, you will need to keep reading.

Increasing numbers of people are venturing into building their unique do-it-yourself solar panel systems. Apart from the idea that it is going to save them significant sum of money, it will greatly contribute to the conservation individuals remaining fuel resources. It can be beneficial not just for folks also for environmental surroundings. That’s the reason lots of people were asked to start rolling up their sleeves and achieving their hands somewhat busy with building the solar energy panels.

Some people primarily build their solar power systems to use as energy source for their garden lights and gate openers. Individuals that have decided to create more difficult ones have even made solar power systems that can supply energy for the whole household.

It is just a common perception that homemade panels are not as durable because professionally made ones. The reason being that, the panels being employed usually are not the methods which carry the popular brands. What many people do not know could be that the energy within the photovoltaic panels are in fact exactly like the branded ones. Should you be building your solar power panels it is important to contain the proper knowledge and care in constructing it. Through that, additionally it is possible to generate one that can are so durable. Additionally it is vital that you understand how to sustain panels.

You will need to please note if you wish to make your own solar energy panel you need to have sufficient knowledge in terms of using tools and connecting circuits.

Constructing a diy solar energy panels would initially require setting up a wooden box which is not too deep. This can be the structural support of your respective solar power panels. You should use masonite or acrylic onto your solar panels prior to it being placed on the bottom of your box. Plexiglass will be used to cover the therapy lamp. It is crucial to make your solar power panel weather-resistant.

If you feel that that you can do this stuff all on your own, then there is no basis for you not to start building one. The rewards are just endless. Though, if you are apprehensive about your capability to create the panels, it’s possible to consult a hobbyist or someone who has already successfully created one.}

wind power generator

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Deep analysis Report on international and Asia Thin Film Solar Cell business — Aarkstore Enterprise


2010 Deep Research Report on Global and China thin-film Solar Cell business  had been published by solar power analysis Center in-may 2010. It was a specialist and depth research report on worldwide and China thin-film solar cellular business sequence. In report, the following information will likely to be included:

International or Asia thin film (CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si(solitary Tandam or triple junction) amorphous/microcrystalline[a-Si/ìc-Si] dual junction) etc) Manufacturing Process and associated technology information;
2008-2014 worldwide and Asia thin film solar mobile Manufacturers ability,production and expansions
Market share by makers by areas by technology (CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si a-Si/ìc-Si etc);
Global and Asia Building or thinking thin film brand-new tasks and related infomrations about these new comers;
2008-2014 worldwide and China thin-film solar cell supply demand and shortage
International and China thin film solar cell (component) Cost Price Value and Profit Margin
USA EU Japan Asia Taiwan etc local thin-film solar cell manufacturing and market share
CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si(solitary Tandam or triple junction) amorphous/microcrystalline[a-Si/ìc-Si] double junction) production process and their particular produtions and market share
13 products (such goods,income,Raw Materials and Equipments,Clients,Capacity Expansions etc) of each producer (over 100 thin-film manufacturers)
Thin film garbage and equipment companies and relationship
Thin-film garbage cost framework and China PV subsidy plan and associated PV energy section financial investment return analysis.
Thin film solar cell or module efficiency of most makers worldwide and China
Thin-film solar cellular business development trend (2010-2014) and associated conclusions

In short, it absolutely was a deep study report on worldwide and china thin-film solar power industry string. And thanks to the global and Asia thin-film marketing and advertising or technology experts support during thin film study team study and interviews.

Table of Contents :

Chapter One Thin-film Solar Cell Overview 1
1.1 Definition of Thin Film Solar Cell 1
1.2 Classification and Application 2
1.3 Business Chain Structure 5
1.4 Difference Between thin-film and Crystal Silicon Solar Cell 5

Part Two Manufacture Technology and operations of Thin Film Solar Cell 6
2.1 Thin Film Manufacturing Tech Overview 6
2.2 CdTe Manufacturing Process 6
2.3 CIS/CIGS Production Process 8
2.3.1 Multicomponent Co-Evaporation(Vacuum Procedures) 12
2.3.2 Sputtering+Selenization (Cleaner Procedures) 15
2.3.3 Printing (Non-Vacuum Procedures) 17
2.3.4 Electrideposition (Non-Vacuum Procedures) 18
2.3.5 CIGS Process and Equipment research 20
2.3.6 CIGS Gear Checklist 23
2.3.7 CIGS Detection Gear List 24
2.3.8 CIGS BOM(Bill Of Material) 25
2.4 Silicon Thin Film Solar Panels Production Process 26
2.5 Other Thin Film Solar Cell (DSSC etc) production Process 28
2.6 Silicon Thin Film Solar Cell Turn-Key Gear Manufacturers 29
2.6.1 Applied Products (US) 29
2.6.2 Oerlikon Solar (Switzerland) 33
2.6.3 ULVAC (Japan) 36
2.6.4 JUSUNG Engineering (Korea) 37
2.6.5 Solar Thin Film (Hungary) 38
2.6.6 Anwell (HongKong) 39
2.6.7 NAGA(Shenzhen) 41
2.6.8 Beiyi Innovation (Beijing) 41
2.6.9 Gallant Precision Machining (Taiwan) 43
2.6.10 Boyang Precision (HongKong) 43
2.7 CIGS Thin-film Solar Cell Turn-Key Equipment Manufacturers 44
2.7.1 Veeco (US) 44
2.7.2 Centrotherm(FHR) (Germany) 45
2.7.3 ULVAC (Japan) 47
2.7.4 XsunX (US) 47
2.7.5 Amelio Solar(RESI) (US) 48
2.7.6 Nanowin (Taiwan) 50
2.7.7 GPM (Taiwan) 53

Part Three Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Provide Product Sales Demand Market Reputation and Forecast 54
3.1 CdTe Productions Summary 54
3.2 CIS/CIGS Productions Summary 57
3.3 Silicon Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Overview 62
3.4 International Total Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Summary 67
3.5 International Thin-film Solar Cell Need 70
3.6 provide and Demand of worldwide thin-film Solar Cell 73
3.7 thin-film Solar Cell Cost Price Value Efficiency profit percentage 73

For more information please go to :

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What Are Solar Energy Kits?


Renewable source of energy should be used more and more to save the non-renewable resources of energy. The reserves are already endangered and the whole world knows about that. Hence using solar energy to generate electricity under such circumstances is a good way to save these reserves. For this nowadays you get various solar energy kits to help in saving these resources. You can use these kits for both home and office to generate electricity.

One reason of using solar energy is for that it saves your money. It is a huge cut down on your monthly utilities. You do not have to pay for those high electricity bills and you can be at peace with your monthly savings. This is one aspect that makes these solar energy kits also unique. Then most of the governments of the world have issued various kinds of tax credits and rebates for the use of solar energy additionally.

In continuation to this it can be said that these solar energy kits are affordable. Although it depends on the manufacturer as well, yet nearly all of these are low priced and ideal for anyone who wants to save a little from their household expenses. That is why these solar energy kits are a major hit in the U.S. with low income groups. Several low income housing projects have started to make use this incredible source. This helps these families with a major cut in their household expenditure.

The only problem with solar energy with solar energy is that it does not work on cloudy or rainy days. Well it is also a fad as the science realm has developed and it has made it possible to work during the day too. All you need is correct information without paying much attention to any rumor!

The biggest question is here to these kits from? The answer to this question is a store. Of course the store has to be trusted and reliable one. Another way is to browse the net. In fact the net is updated on a regular and it has all the relevant information about these kits in details. You can get videos and manuals along with these kits which makes your life easier.

In addition to this, these solar energy kits have easy to follow instructions which are a guide to proper installation. In contrary to the popular belief that only professionals can install solar energy panels, there are a lot of do it yourself panels that you put to use. Of course professional help recommends but if you want to make it more cost effective then you can definitely install them all by yourself.

In the end it has to be added that these solar energy kits have an added advantage of that being pollution free. This is yet another way of saving the environment and making it pollution free. This is why governments all across the world have come up with their own ways of encouraging the use of solar energy. It is beyond doubt and imagination that solar energy can be used as it does not affect the atmosphere adversely.

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About Solar Powered Energy Energy Reality


You have perhaps been informed numerous times various solar power energy facts. Definitely, it is hard to know which facts about solar power are now “facts” and that are similar to emotions.

Information regarding Solar Energy Energy Truth

One significant solar power energy simple truth is solar technology is a limitless resource. Solar power will likely not contaminate air with carbon dioxide alongside harmful greenhouse gases and bad discharges. Solar energy can be utilized to warm liquid, dried out garments, warm pools, energy attic fans, power tiny products, make light for both indoors and outdoors, and even to power vehicles, between other stuff. Solar energy generator is also popular.

In 1990, a plane powered entirely because of the sun crossed the usa. Solar technology items can be quite high priced. The original price is, possibly, the key downside of solar technology. One needs a comparatively huge region to set up solar energy panels if a person wants a good standard of performance. According to in which one live, one will get numerous outcomes with solar technology methods.

Naturally, after the specific install the items, they may be really cheap to operate. In the matter of reality, energy from the sun is costless. If a person features a actually great solar energy system, one which tends to make even more energy than one usage, the energy company can purchase it from the specific.

Whenever one utilizes solar energy, a person is producing the person and also the house independent. One will not need based on international or other types of energy that could increase their particular cost immediately. To perform a solar power system, one will not also require connecting to a gas or power grid.

Solar power may not be made during the night or if perhaps there is a lot of contamination in the air or clouds across sun. Obviously, bring in that one may have an electric battery backup system because of the solar power system that’ll care for the problems that could come up as soon as the sunlight will not ascend, as they say.

Another significant solar energy energy fact is that you can put in solar energy in remote locations. If there is an electrical description, one can still have electrical energy! As the power needs grow, one can include even more solar panel systems. Solar energy panels function mutely. Solar power powered cars are not yet up to par with other cars. They’ve a much duller rate. Solar energy methods require hardly any treatment and will continue for a long time.

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