Five 2016 Candidates for College Students

Five 2016 Candidates for College Students
The Obama-Biden Plan calls for education reforms from kindergarten all the way up to college. The plan involves creating the $ 4,000 American Opportunity Tax Credit, which would cover two-thirds the cost of average public tuition or make community …
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What's in the Clinton Plan for Rural America and Renewable Fuels?
clinton-iowa As the nation's newspapers spend another month wrapped up in Email-Gate and Benghazi-Gate, we look at a proposal that's won raves from the renewable fuels community. In Washington, the America's Renewable Future group committed the …
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SoCal Edison wants to slash rooftop solar incentives
“We really need the Legislature to step in and save the day,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group. “There is absolutely no nuance in the utilities' proposals. It's an all …
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'India's ambitious renewable energy target now seems achievable'

'India's ambitious renewable energy target now seems achievable'
India will soon generate cheaper electricity from solar photovoltaics (PV)-based projects than those based on coal imported from Indonesia and Australia, says a report released by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). This will …

Ming Yang Co-Founded Guangdong Renewable Energy Industry Fund
CGN Wind and Shenzhen Energy are expected to be among the other limited partners of the Fund. And Guangdong Finance Investment (Holding) Co., Ltd. is expected to make a capital commitment of RMB50 million on behalf of the Guangdong government.
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Company Shares of Blue Earth, Inc. (NASDAQ:BBLU) Drops by -4.76%
The Company develops, designs, builds and implements technologies, such as solar, fuel cells and combined heat and power (CHP) for alternative and renewable energy projects. The Company also finances renewable and alternative energy projects …
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Latest Geothermal Energy News

Northwest Geothermal Research Aims To Solve Energy And Water Squeeze
President Obama's new EPA rule seeking drastic reductions in carbon emissions could create more room in the industry for cleaner forms of energy. One of those is geothermal. In eastern Oregon and parts of Idaho, a new study by the US Geological Survey …
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Cumberland Energy, Verschuren Centre partner on Springhill geothermal study
Geothermal energy has been of interest to the region due to the significant presence of abandoned mines in the Springhill area. The development of geothermal energy involves extracting heat from underground water to use as an energy source.
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EDC, GNS Science agree to expand research, develop geothermal energy
The Philippines' Energy Development Corp. (EDC), one of the largest geothermal companies in the world, and New Zealand's GNS Science have agreed to renew and strengthen their joint research and development efforts on geothermal energy. Some of the …
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Geothermal Heat Pump: Energy Modulators

Most people would prefer the common heating and ventilation devices and air conditioning units, merely because most are not familiar with the geothermal heat pump.  The geothermal heat pump is an effective way of heat absorption during the wintertime. These heat pumps or usually called geoexchange devices have been around for almost 70 years. Unknown to most people, but the geothermal heat pump is highly efficient in heat producing and in energy saving. The reason why geothermal heat pumps save more energy and are more efficient than HVAC units is because these heat pumps use the earth heat and convert it into a source of energy.
A geothermal heat pump is highly efficient for the coldest winters. These devices can warm a cold room to cooling the temperature during summertime. The reason is because a geothermal heat pump garners heat or absorbs heat from the within the earth where the temperature is always constant unlike that about the ground which varies, which enables it to produce warmer air during winter and cooler air during the summer and without circulating the air like air conditioners. Using the constant temperature allows the geothermal heat pump to produce higher efficiencies from 300 percent to 600 percent efficiency. When comparing these percentages to the normal heating, ventilating or air conditioning devices, would only amount to 175 percent to 250 percent efficiency.
Geothermal heat pumps can be enhanced to heat and cool a house depending on the tubes installed. Geothermal heat pumps near bodies of water can act as a heater and a cooler when programmed. Most of these heaters actually release air according to the room temperature. Since the ground temperature, as mentioned, stays relatively at a constant temperature, when a room is hot the geothermal heat pumps would only give off cooler air than and when it is cold, the heat from the atmosphere  would differ from that of the earth enabling the heater to give off heat warmer than the room. This is a good way to use energy from the earth and to use it in a non polluting way. It is also healthy for the family where the air will be clean and ventilation would be constantly running unlike usage of air conditioning units which circulate the same air over and over. Geothermal heat pumps may cost more than the normal air conditioning device but its durability and use are beyond exquisite. It can last even longer than an air conditioning device and the energy saving properties can earn a user their money back from 5 to 10 years of use.

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EYE ON CLALLAM: County board to revisit trust lands advisory committee Monday

EYE ON CLALLAM: County board to revisit trust lands advisory committee Monday
The regular meeting will include potential passage of a resolution to surplus the Morse Creek hydroelectric project and property. Council members also will consider passage of an electric, water and wastewater … Agenda items include the provision of …
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Global Power Equipment Group – Get News & Ratings Daily
Through its Global Power Services Division, the Company is a leading provider of on-site specialty support and outage management services for commercial nuclear reactors in the United States and provides maintenance services to fossil and hydroelectric …
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AKP's development moves lead to death
Hydroelectric power plants have been turned into a tool for making money from water, displaying the ignorance of those in power who say “Water will no longer be wasted” and who are unaware of nature's balance and lack the culture of consultation and …
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The UK Wind Power Backlash


Recent developments in the tidal power sector are causing many to speak out against the UK government’s reliance on wind power to ensure we meet our renewable energy goals. According to The Times, if the government wants to hit its target, the UK needs to build around 7,000 more wind-turbines – a high number if one considers the amount of not-in-my-back-yard-ism and anti-wind petitioning that meets nearly every planned wind farm.

However, as tidal power expert Bob Smith (of Pulse Tidal) argues, the backlash against wind in favour of tidal is not merely the voice of those who deem turbines ugly or a blot on the landscape – despite the fact that tidal turbines are out of sight. Quoted at, Smith commented: “Most importantly, the UK needs predictable sources of energy and tidal is entirely predictable, unlike wind; because water is more dense than air.”

Aside from making use of a more predictable energy source, tidal turbines can produce more energy from a smaller turbine system – resulting in lower installation costs. This is a positive factor that is highlighted by The Times’ article ‘Tilting at Wind Farms’ in which it is written that the Confederation of British Industry estimate that meeting the government’s 2030 carbon-emissions target will increase ‘the average British household bill from £1,243 today to £1,615.90.’

The same article goes on to quote Professor Jack Steinberger of CERN particle physics laboratory, Geneva. He argues that wind power is an uneconomic waste of resources – and explained his reasons to the Royal Society in May. Wind is now considered one of the most expensive forms of energy – costing six times the amount of gas and three times as much as nuclear.

In another twist in the renewable energy saga, even if the UK heeds the words of experts like Steinberger and Smith, wind energy may still be very much part of our future. Speaking in June, the Swedish Deputy Prime Minister announced that the country will soon be in the position to export wind power. The country’s economy, and rugged geography lends itself well to wind power – and is set to benefit further if other countries are willing to buy green energy from them.

Sarah Maple writes about energy management and solar hot water production. The Green Project has been set up to give you and your community the best advice and recommendations on ways to make your home more energy efficient to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Wind Power

Wind is a valuable renewable energy source. Limitations like cost and space needed to build make it hard for some wind turbine projects to get off the ground. Hopefully, advancements can be made so that there is a way to store the energy that is produced via wind turbines in the future.

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Analysis: Citizen ownership at risk from new system

Analysis: Citizen ownership at risk from new system
Onshore wind in Germany is very granular. Around 58% of the country's 25GW onshore wind turbines are grouped in projects with fewer than seven turbines, according to the economy ministry. Of these, nearly 3,900 turbines are single, stand-alone projects.
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India's National Stock Exchange Switches To Wind Power
One of the leading stock exchanges in India, the National Stock Exchange (NSE), has invested in a wind energy project for captive power consumption. The stock exchange, the largest in India in terms of daily volume traded, will fulfil 65% of its power …
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Bioenergy can deliver cleaner future, says global report

Bioenergy can deliver cleaner future, says global report
A global bioenergy assessment has said biofuels could meet up to a third of the world's transportation fuel needs by the middle of the century. The report – involving experts from 24 nations – said bioenergy had the potential to be a key driver in …
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Scientists Design Microbe That Helps In Biofuel Production
The study has been conducted by scientists from the Department of Energy's BioEnergy Science Center (BESC). The new research builds on previous results from 2011 that reported on the first genetically engineered microbe able to directly produce …
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Asia's Largest Business Partnering Event – Biotech Industry Key Players from
As an integrated exhibition that embodies regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, diagnostics, functional food, bio-energy and other facets, this event gathers top-level executives as well as experts responsible for R&D, business development, …
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Joule Patents Organism for Biofuels

Here’s articles about Joules patenting an organism for biofuels; a tremendously interesting tale regarding patenting an “organism”, thanks to

“The Cambridge, Massachusetts start-up company Joule infinite stated it absolutely was granted a patent for a procedure that uses organisms to transform sunlight and skin tightening and directly into hydrocarbons that can be a drop-in gas replacement.

The Joule system, labeled as the Solar Converter system, looks like a solar PV panel. Inside, designed organisms bathed in sunlight prey on CO2 and secrete hydrocarbon fuels. Joule professionals say they have been on a path toward creating fuel for around $ 30 per barrel equivalent. Thus far, with little knowledge to monitor, that target is hard to assess. The company is looking to complete creating its pilot center in Tx by the end of the year.

The company made a huge splash final autumn when it came out of stealth mode and stated it might produce around 15,000 gallons of diesel per acre per year, and 10,000-20,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year at commercial scale. Those figures are extraordinarily large – if Joule could possibly get to one half that manufacturing, it will be a feat. People tend to be apparently excited about the possibility. The increased $ 30 million this might in a round of capital with Flagship endeavors. MIT’s Technology Review recently place Joule on its 2010 set of top ten innovators. Listed here is videos from their website with a summary associated with organization’s efforts.”

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